Fashion Models: 10 Different Types

This article explores ten types of models in the fashion industry. Each type of modeling comes with its own set of requirements.

Editorial models.

Models often feature in fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar wearing the latest fashion designs or brands. Fashion photographers often photograph editorial models. 

They take direction and follow their artistic instincts to capture the best image. Models are classified by their height and measurement. They are usually five feet nine inches taller than the average female model, and they are slimmer. Models of male height are classified based on their measurements and typically measure six feet tall.

Runway models.

They walk the catwalk at fashion shows and display carefully selected outfits to the audience. This sets the tone for the fashion world’s upcoming trends. Models on the runway are classified by their height and measurement. They are usually over 5’9″ tall and 9’9″, respectively.

Plus-size models.

Models who are larger than the editorial standard in fashion modeling are called curvy or full-figured. They are primarily models of plus-size clothing designs.

Parts models.

Parts models are limited to a particular body part for product photography. They may model new nail polish with their hands or a sandal with their feet. To ensure that their special feature stays in top condition, part models need to take extra care.

Fitness models

Fitness models must maintain a high level of physical fitness. They frequently exercise, resulting in a toned, muscular body. Fitness models are often featured in magazines, advertisements, workout apparel, and gym facilities.

Glamour models.

Glamour models are often hired for their looks and sexual appeal. Photographers and brands hire glamour models to appear on certain calendars, magazines, and music videos.

Lingerie models.

Models in lingerie pose in underwear and brassieres for magazines, photoshoots, and catalogs. They also walk the runway, displaying the latest undergarment styles for designers and lingerie brands.

Swimsuit models.

Swimsuit models are shown in swimsuits, displaying the latest summer swimwear. Sports Illustrated magazine is best known for its swimsuit models.

Promotional models.

Brands often hire this type of model to promote their products or services. Brands hire promotional models to promote their products and services (also known as influencers).

Catalog models.

Companies hire these models to portray a relatable image. This model type is more flexible in terms of appearance. Models in catalogs are often more like ordinary people than runway-ready supermodels. This includes clothing that is mainstream and more accessible to the general public.

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